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Posted by Rachel Blankstein
Rachel Blankstein
Rachel is a serial entrepreneur with a successful track record in launching businesses. Rachel launched and gr...
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on Wednesday, 03 August 2011 in Social Media

LinkedIn is a great social networking tool that allows you to connect with people on a professional level.  You can use it to promote your business, help with your job search, get feedback on business-related topics, and in many other ways.  Connections are key to getting the most out of LinkedIn; however, unlike other more public social media platforms (like Twitter), making connections on LinkedIn is not always as simple as sending an invite.  To increase the likelihood of having your connection request accepted, do something most people fail to do – send a personalized note.

LinkedIn is not a place where you are likely to befriend a random person.  So when establishing a connection, you need to explain why you want to connect and what you have in common.  It helps to mention something about a mutually beneficial conversation and a business purpose.  If you have several contacts in common, be sure to point this out as well.  You can also state that the LinkedIn algorithm suggested that you both be friends if this is the case.  Establishing a personal connection (whatever it is) will significantly improve your response rates.

Be sure to also leverage your relationships on other social media platforms within LinkedIn.  For example, try to chat with people on Twitter first to establish a connection.  Then you can later reach out to them on LinkedIn to strengthen your relationship. 

A personalized message is a great way to increase your LinkedIn connections.  But remember, if you have nothing in common with someone, don’t necessarily expect them to accept even if you write a note.


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Rachel is a serial entrepreneur with a successful track record in launching businesses. Rachel launched and grew the Data Services business at U.S. Cellular to a $100 Million business. Rachel’s was also previously Founder & CEO of econfidant.com, a dating and relationship advice site, which was sold to Innovive. Rachel also led Product Management at crowdsourcing site InnoCentive.com and had a consulting practice dedicated to online customer acquisition and strategic business growth. Rachel also holds an MBA from the University of Chicago.


Matt Pierson Tuesday, 24 January 2012

I get a lot of requests for references on LinkedIn. Many of them I’m happy to do, others not so much! If you’re requesting a reference, I suggest you only do so from people you have a bona fide relationship with that’s relatively current. Also, since references on LinkedIn should be relatively brief, I think you might want to ask the person providing the reference to address one or two topics, ie. your design skills, knowledge of a particular pieces of software, etc., that are important to you.

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