An Easy Way to Improve Email List Response Rates

Posted by Karen D. Schwartz
Karen D. Schwartz
With over 25 years of technology writing experience, Karen has worked at leading publications including CIO an...
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on Tuesday, 12 July 2011 in Email Marketing

A quick and easy way to improve the response rates of your email list is to change your email sign-up process from a single opt-in to a double opt-in.

Opt-in is a way to indicate, by clicking on a link, that your subscribers are providing your company with permission to contact them via email. Users are then subscribed to your email list until you opt to unsubscribe.  This is a single opt-in, which can increase the likelihood that people enter false email addresses.

Getting Your List to Perform Better

To improve how your list performs, many companies require a “double opt-in”, where you require that all new email addresses confirm their permission by clicking on a link in an email sent to the user’s address. This essentially eliminates the false email address problem, as well as lowers the risk of an email being identified as spam. Because double opt-in lists are cleaner and more accurate, they receive better responses and may allow companies to charge higher advertising rates on their sites.

The downside of double opt-in is that people get a second chance to decide whether they really want to join your list and may change their minds. They also may be confused by the second message and disregard it, or never receive it because it goes into their spam filter by mistake. But research shows that the pros of a double opt-in system outweigh the cons.


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With over 25 years of technology writing experience, Karen has worked at leading publications including CIO and Ziff Davis Enterprise. Karen has always been focused on making complicated technology easily understandable.


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