Selecting a Recruiting Tracking System: Sendouts vs. Bullhorn

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Neil Zawacki
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on Monday, 23 April 2012 in Comparz Blog

Recruiting software provides a simplified means for organizations to hire new personnel and track applicants over time. Two companies that provide this type of software are Bullhorn ATS and Sendouts. Their recruiting software is suitable for businesses of any size, but is particularly well-suited for independent recruiters and small to mid-sized businesses.


Bullhorn ATS and Sendouts share a lot of features in common. They both provide mass mailing features, job board posting and offer a candidate career portal. They also both have social media features like the ability to link to job postings from Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

The main difference is whether or not the features automatically come with the software. Bullhorn ATS, for example, only provides text messaging to candidates through an integrated application. That function is innately built into the Sendouts application. On a similar note, Bullhorn ATS can integrate with different CRM software, but Sendouts has its own internal CRM.


Both products are fully compatible with Windows and Linux operating systems. Bullhorn ATS also has a Mac version available, however, while Sendouts can only function on an Apple computer if you use an emulator. If you primarily use Macintosh computers, Bullhorn ATS is the clear winner here.


Sendouts and Bullhorn ATS are both compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and Android. It should be noted, however, that the mobile application for Bullhorn ATS requires the user to pay an additional fee.

Customer Support

The technical support for Sendouts and Bullhorn ATS is slightly different. Sendouts offers phone and email support on Monday through Friday between 7AM and 6PM. Bullhorn ATS offers phone and email support on Monday through Friday on a 24 hour basis, with emergency support available on weekends. That said, Sendouts also provides live chat support to its users, while Bullhorn ATS does not.


Sendouts and Bullhorn ATS both offer a wide variety of integrations. Sendouts can integrate with SGE Executive Tracker, CareerBuilder, Smartpost, and S2Verify. Bullhorn ATS can integrate with VerticalResponse, MSConnect, Exchange, eQuest and Interviewstream. Both products can integrate with Microsoft Outlook, CareerBuilder, Monster, Talentwise


Both products offer a robust API that allows developers to create their own applications. They also both have online documentation on how to use the API and a specific forum set up for software developers. You are unlikely to go wrong with either recruit management solution in this regard.


Bullhorn ATS has the Team Edition, which costs $89 per user per month and includes all of the basic features. They also have the Corporate Edition and the Enterprise Edition for medium-sized companies and large organizations. The cost for these editions can be as high as $169 per employee per month and requires a price quote.

Sendouts, on the other hand, starts at $99 per month and is based on the overall number of users. If you have eight or more users, the price drops slightly. This makes it a good choice for organizations with lots of employees.

Bottom line

The main difference between Bullhorn ATS and Sendouts is the features and the technical support. If you are going to need phone support late at night, then you might want to choose Bullhorn ATS. If you'd like an application that does not require integrations for extra functions, Sendouts is a great alternative.

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Nick Houlsop-Rogers Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Do not touch Bullhorn ATS with a barge pole especially if your business uses Apple. Despite them telling you otherwise it is totally incompatible. They have caused nothing but headache for our business and put up a brick wall whenever you ask them for anything. The worst example of customer service and product implementation I have ever come across. Over promised and totally under delivered

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Diane Gordon Thursday, 26 April 2012

Hello. I'm Diane Gordon, VP Customer Care for Bullhorn. I am so sorry that you had such an awful experience with Bullhorn. Based on your comnments, my guess is that there's no way to get your business back but I would really like to understand where we went wrong. Would you be willing to have a quick chat? Barring that, could you tell me the name of your company so I can research what happened? I realize that there's probably nothing value to you in this but as a services professional, I view a complaint like yours as a huge gift - perhaps an unwelcome gift but, at the end of the day, an opportunity to improve. Would really appreciate any assistance you're willing to provide.

Jon Daws
Jon Daws
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Jon Daws Thursday, 14 June 2012

We Recently signed up to Bullhorn and are in a period of deeep regret. Nick's comments above are entirely accurate. Bullhorn is an expensive mistake for us and one I will learn from. We are currently reviewing sendouts...

Rachel Blankstein Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Nick, thanks for your comments, please leave a review on our site for Bullhorn at

James Melody
James Melody
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James Melody Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Another Bullhorn customer here looking to move away.

Decent product but the worst customer care I have ever experienced in my career.

David Thursday, 25 October 2012

Bullhorn isn't, but its antiquated. Most of the updates they have done have little effect on fixing some of their core issues. If you are a mac shop, Bullhorn is definitely not the way to go. Not sure where the author got that info from. Bullhorn only works with Explorer, so it won't open in Chrome, Firefox, and certainly not Safari. They have been promising functionality across other browsers since I started using their software 7 years ago, so I wouldn't hold my breath.
If you want to use it on a mac you need to install VMware, which apparently Bullhorn's CEO uses

Our shop has one of our recruiters on a Mac and all uses it with VMWare and all I hear is complaints. Their mobile app is weak as well and you have to pay an extra fee for it.

They were bought by a private equity firm and people are starting to exit so I wouldnt expect much further development out of these guys.

If you have the money take a look at salesforce integrated with jobscience.

Frustrated Wednesday, 14 November 2012

with Sendouts today and have really enjoyed the system and its functionality. Has helped us revolutionize the way we deliver talent, but as we've grown the service has suffered in a big way. Their customer reps seem less knowledgeable in the system and lack the enthusiasm and bulldog mentality to get issues resolved quickly. Evaluating Bullhorn, although with great reservation given the consistent online comments re: poor service. - Frustrated

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