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Backupify: Backing Up Cloud Data in the Cloud

Posted by Michael Neubarth
Michael Neubarth
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on Friday, 30 March 2012
in Comparz Blog

We’ve reached a stage in which new SaaS solutions are emerging that offer new twists and unique angles on solution areas. One such service is Backupify, which is differentiating itself from the rest of the online data backup pack by providing a cloud-based online backup service that backs up customers’ cloud-based data applications.

Unlike services like Dropbox, Backblaze, and SugarSync, Backupify does not back up the data on your computer disk drives. Rather, Backupify only backs up popular cloud-based services—such Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, and Google Apps.

Backupify was launched in 2008 with a consumer-oriented focus and initially only backed up users’ social media accounts.

Seeing a market for backup of critical business applications, Backupify expanded into business apps with backup for Google Apps. “Some people believe their Gmail data is backed up by Google but that is not completely true,” said Krisin Dziadul, a marketing analyst at Backupify.

"Google does have redundant servers but they can't protect against unforseen errors such as accidental deletions," she explained. "It's also always a good  practice to have a third party backup tool on a service unrelated to the service you are using so that if anything happens on that service, you know you are protected elsewhere."

Many companies continue to keep employee Gmail accounts open even after the employee leaves, which costs the company $50 per year per user account. With Snapshot for Google Apps, they can save that cost by backing up the data and closing the account or transferring it to another employee, she said.

Backupify is expanding further into the business arena by offering backup for accounts. Dziadul said the Salesforce offering was just finished its beta phase and would go live in the June timeframe. Backup for more business-critical apps are likely to follow, she said.

The backup process is fairly simple. Users give Backupify access to their application accounts (much like users sign up by giving applications access to their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts), and Backupify performs the data backup, typically daily, and you log into your account for access. One nice feature allows you to receive the complete contents of an account in a zip file with a single click.

Pricing is reasonable. For example, pricing for the Google Apps service (which includes Google Docs, Calendar, Contacts, Sites, Gmail, and Picasa) starts at $3 per user per month for 25 GB of storage. A free offering is available for 1 GB and email only.

Backupify offers plans for social media that include email, phone, and web data. A plan for 5 accounts with 10 GB storage is $4.99 per month, and a plan for 25 accounts and 50 GB is $19.99 per month.

Backupify offers a 15-day free trial, so you can test-drive the service to see how you like it.


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