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The company’s founder, who also founded Omniture, promises a revolutionary new approach to business intelligence that truly gets real-time data from across the organization into one place. Basically, it aims to do what other BI platforms do—connecting all existing systems where data lives and generating real-time intelligence accessible from any device—but better. It’s been pretty mum about the specifics, but it’s generating big buzz. To emphasize how it’s different, Domo calls its BI platform an “executive management platform”. 

User Reviews

Domo Business Intelligence Review

May 21, 2012
Submitted By: Allan R Hoffman III Company Size: $1 Million - $5 Million in revenues
Domo is an excellent application, but could utilize refinement. Domo's executive management platform is a useful tool and I love the outlay of the platform, when I started uing the applicatioon it was an entirely new form of business intelligence — one that transformed the way I ran my business. As new companies adopt the app I am sure they will benefit from the Business solution