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Constant Contact is a highly customizable email marketing solution for small and mid-size businesses. It can handle a massive number of emails and offers several ready-to-go templates for new users. The solution can also expand into event marketing and online surveys for an additional fee. The interface can be a little confusing at first.

User Reviews

We've moved to a cheaper company

September 13, 2012
Submitted By: Dave Heller Company Size: $0 - $1 Million in revenues
We used to use constant contact for over a year and found them to be very good. However we came accross and found that we could save £30 a month (which is a fair bit for us) by using them instead.

We tried them out expecting them to be a cheap no frills company but we all prefer their system as well!

To round off - Constant Contact used to be really good but they are lagging behind some of the newer comapnies like MarketMailer.

Consntant Contact Complaint/Review

August 22, 2012
Submitted By: pfleet Company Size: $5 Million - $10 Million in revenues
I work for a medium sized Australian company. We send a monthly newsletter to about 90,000 clients & prospects.

The list is super clean, all opt in etc but for various reasons I won't go into CC decided that we were getting too many unsubscribes and complaints. I tried to argue the case (and, believe me, had every right - we are/were 100% spam compliant) but they stood firm and said no they were canceling the account.

So I moved to another provider which has been fine.

However I only just realised that for tha last 16 months or so, Constant Contsct have been charging my credit card $450. Approx $7,500 for nothing.

You're probably think 'how the heck didn't you realise until now?' and yes, fair call, we should have done. However it was through our corporate card which covers a lot of charges - approx $50K/month so each month it's slipped under the radar as the account dept assumed it was a legit marketing expense.

I should have spotted it sooner, there's no question.

So I contacted constant contact to make a complaint, they were very polite but basically said tough. They agreed to return the current month of $450 charges but insisted that they had only 'disabled' the account not 'canceled' it and that I should have formally requested it at the time so they were keeping all this cash.

Ie they quickly rendered the account unusuable and useless, except for the billing part of it, which, seemingly, we were good enough to continue with.

The other thing is I've had no email notification of any of these charges and, worryingly, my CC expired 6 months ago but the charges kept coming. The number on my new card was the same but expiry changed to 3 years later. Did they manually alter this date?

Just a warning/complaint about Constant Contact.

Best Basic Email Service Provider Around

May 4, 2012
Submitted By: Robert Hlozek Company Size: $1 Million - $5 Million in revenues
Constant Contact is a no-frills email service provider, but for a small business with a database of less than 50,000 members, it could be an invaluable tool. There's virtually no automation with the service, but everything is very easy to use and straight forward, the deliverability rates are high, and the price is low.

The only real criticism I have is their customer service team can be a bit overzealous. Your service can be placed on hold if they get a high number of spam complaints and a resulting list review could be required. These reviews are simple to do though, and the customer service agents who do them are friendly. Ultimately these are for the best as it keeps their deliverability rates high. They just seem to come at bad times.

Good Email Marketing Tool Gives Options To Formulate Emails

April 27, 2012
Submitted By: marti miernik Company Size: $0 - $1 Million in revenues
Its a good, easy to use solution. It does give me good options to formulate my emails and email lists and I can get a pitch in minutes rather than worry about formatting for hours on end. I recommend it.

Constant contact remains the most user friendly of all email programs

April 22, 2012
Submitted By: Mary-Frances Main Company Size: $0 - $1 Million in revenues
I've been using email management online services for years and have tried the new ones as they came along, but Constant contact remains the easiest to set up, use and maintain. The toughest part is importing an already existing list to their service (especially if it's a large one) because they're sticklers about how you got the names, and how old they are. However, I think this diligence is a plus. I find the templates are fairly simple to use and the reporting and social media integration is great. I've used everything they have to offer except the events - but will probably be trying that in the future.