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Taleo offers a talent management platform that can help companies to hire the right people and coach staff members as needed. It comes with a wide range of features, including the ability to streamline paperwork, optimize sourcing spend, and deploy cascading goals. The software also comes with powerful analytics that are designed to identify skill gaps and keep track of top performers at the company. Taleo's solutions can be somewhat expensive, so they are generally best for mid-sized businesses and larger enterprises.

User Reviews

Software user

May 3, 2013
Submitted By: Jack Caffey Company Size: $0 - $1 Million in revenues
This is a very difficult program for users to access. It is slow, opaque, balky, and not intuitive.

I have given up trying to use it ... and I have more than a decade of experience using similar products.

Companies using Taleo for their recruiting function are not being well served.

It's like an old DOS program. PS: times have moved on.

Taleo Review

March 24, 2012
Submitted By: Andrea Goodman Company Size: $10 Million - $50 Million in revenues
I have used Taleo while working with 2 organizations over the last 5 years. It is functional, but i don't find it to be particularly intuitive. Some of the steps are not logical and it should be simpler to move from step to step. I have not personally used Taleo for reporting, but I understand that the reporting functions are very useful.

RFP and Prior Taleo Customer

March 5, 2012
Submitted By: Rhonda Stickley Company Size: Over $150 Million in revenues
I've led the implementation of Taleo in two different industries (Manufacturing & Healthcare) with large employers (>50k ee's) and find that Taleo has a strong methodology/approach to support design, development and integration.

Their single line of code makes the platform highly configurable and adaptable, which is a huge plus, and their consulting resources are very helpful.

After using several other ATS platforms, Taleo is bar-none in comparison, and I wouldn't use another if given the choice!

Taleo feedback on recruiting module

March 5, 2012
Submitted By: David R. Company Size: $1 Million - $5 Million in revenues
System is highly configurable which means the planning process is critical. If recruitment process is not defined and functioning successfully, I would not recommend the required time, resources and budget it requires to configure, implement and maintain Taleo.

The system is also slower than other ATS systems I have used previously and often goes down.

I selected No to recommending this product but it is really not a black & white answer. There are many factors to consider when making this decision that this survey does not take into account.

Hope this is helpful.

Simple Expense Management Solution

January 30, 2012
Submitted By: Chris Benjamin Company Size: $0 - $1 Million in revenues
*It only took minutes to set it up. *I never needed to contact customer support *The software came with everything I needed and I could add my own custom field for my expense sheets *I use the receipt upload feature to keep records of the expenses with submissions for reimbursement.