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Xobni is good

Reviewed on March 28, 2012
Submitted By: Katie Swanson Company Size: $0 - $1 Million in revenues
So far I like Xobni, my favorite feature is when I receive an email it shows whether that contact is on Facebook or linked in, etc. I find that feature helpful. Currently I do not have a paid subscription, but have been debating it. I use MS Exchange and have many pst folders, the option to search for past emails with clients would be a helpful feature to use. That is why I would actually purchase it. BUT, I do find some contacts get messed up between all the platforms and it can be frustrating. I don't think that MS Exchange, the iPhone/icloud, xobni plus any other plugins I have not accounted for work well together.

It is also fun to see the fun facts that it provides you. And interesting.

I also use the feature to look up people by names and like being able to see the recent emails we have exchanged between each other. But I do not use this feature as often becasue I think it doesn't work as well unless you have the paid subscription.

And I also use this feature when I want to quickly copy and paste an email address becasue outlook address book is not always the easiest when you have many contacts. The quick easy reference to contacts through Xobni is useful.

Overall I think it is a good program and will continue to use it. I do not use it as a CRM and the main feature I like is seeing which of my contacts using what social media platform.

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Social CRM > Xobni > Xobni Reviews List