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Radian6 is a listening and engagement tool that monitors online conversations in social media and traditional media. The software can provide detailed reports on sentiment, common themes and trends across multiple languages. It also offers visualization tools that can help a company to manage their interactions with social media. In addition, customer support is provided to users 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. The company also offers training classes that teach the various features.

User Reviews

Painful dashboard

May 22, 2013
Submitted By: csy Company Size: $5 Million - $10 Million in revenues
Loading dashboard can easily take up to 15 minutes, and it might hang during loading. Every click on the dashboard would take more than 3 seconds to process. It might look elegant or modern, in fact, it is not user friendly and just a waste-time tool.

Review of Radian6

February 24, 2012
Submitted By: Mark Krupinski Company Size: $0 - $1 Million in revenues
I've been an avid supporter and user of Radain6 for over 4 years. It is constantly improving itself and its recent acquisition by salesforce.com is a definite plus at the enterprise level.

Where this product excels in it's quantity and quality of results for smaller and lesser known brands. I would say that it captures roughly 75% of what's being mentioned publicly. In terms of sentiment, its accuracy hovers around 70%. Both are decent numbers and can be obviously fine tuned by the user over time.

No brand monitoring platform is perfect and this includes Radian6. The pricing is fair for smaller brands who need to also perform competitive intelligence. However, once a larger brand with an established social footprint is scrutinized, Radian6 has difficultly filtering out SPAM blogs and more importantly, Twitter SPAM accounts.

Radian6 will tell you that you can filter out this SPAM manually, however, it still takes some work just to review and identify these accounts. Additionally, new SPAM accounts are created everyday. However at the end of the day, I still recommend Radian6 for most organizations.

High learning curve bad data

February 24, 2012
Submitted By: Jennifer Scott Company Size: $1 Million - $5 Million in revenues
The learning curve is extremely high to get results worth deliveirng to client. Customer support is erratic at best. Feature sets look cool but data is bad - bad algorithm, dishonest account directors, shoddy reports. Overpriced.

Review of Radian 6

February 24, 2012
Submitted By: Tom McCann Company Size: $1 Million - $5 Million in revenues
Setup process In terms of getting started and setup on Radian6 it's pretty painless. These paid-for social media monitoring softwares are always looking for your business so it's as simple as giving them a call and agreeing to one of their packages. These can be modified depending on your needs, which is handy. You generally get one profile, and within that you can setup various Topic Profiles, which can contain a number of different searches based on your search criteria. You can get access to the last 30 days of data for 7 days, after that you need to pay a monthly fee for keeping that search open. It's helpful from an agency, new business point of view because you can search for potential new clients without paying an ongoing monthly fee for that search profile

Customer support This is one big area where Radian6 falls down, at least in the UK. UK accounts are handled by a company previously known as 6Consulting, and the level of support they provide is basic at best. As a UK user when I have an issue or need some advice, I would always email the American department, and generally they are pretty good. But I've consistently had the experience whereby I end up figuring problems out myself, and I get the impression that the support teams aren't really manned by people who use the tool day-in, day-out; they don't know its intricacies. Having said that, for basic help they are perfectly adequate.

Training I know Radian 6 provide training, at a cost, but I was never trained other than the short tutorial videos on the platform itself, the rest I taught myself by using the system. I have heard from friends in the industry that the training isn't very good, and again, is undertaken by sales teams rather than actual experts of the system

Customisation In terms of how you can manipulate the system to pull the results you need, i'd say Radian6 is very good. You have a real in-depth range of options when collecting and drilling down into your data. This is what Radian6 is very good at: practically anything can be clicked on and further analysed. Any graph or chart you produce can usually be broken down even further and you can end up with real valuable insight this way.

I personally haven't used or needed any additional resources, nor have I integrated the tool with anything else other than the Excel plug-in that allows you to export your data to pivot tables in excel. This has been an invaluable addition and allows for better sorting and analysing of your data. Unfortunately it's not available for Macs though, which is a huge flaw.

Mainly what I use Radian6 for is topline stats like share-of voice, share of media, volume, trends, sentiment, and it performs what I need very well. There are a few basic things I would change, but these are coming from a detailed indepth standpoint, and for most users, especially brands who are looking to monitor their own brand terms Radian 6 is all the tool they will need. It's very powerful, very detailed and once you get to grips with the interface and dashboard, fairly user friendly and intuitive.

Radian6 Lacking Quality and Customer Support

July 24, 2011
Submitted By: Joseph Fernandes Company Size:
Radian6 quality and customer support has gone down after the acquisition by Salesforce. I am looking for alternatives.