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Ooyala Review: Strong platform

Reviewed on March 9, 2012
Submitted By: Steven Tagle Company Size: $1 Million - $5 Million in revenues
Ooyala is a video technology platform that includes custom html/flash players, mrss feeds, video analytics, content uploading/transcoding/management, and tagging architecture. We have integrated Ooyala with our website,, using EdgeCast as our CDN (Ooyala defaults to Akamai as its CDN partner). We have also used Ooyala feeds for our Roku, Boxee, and NeoTV applications.

Integrating with Ooyala was easy and straightforward. Our developers replaced our Flash players with Ooyala players, and we sent our content to Ooyala to be processed. Ooyala's encoding profiles have saved us hundreds of hours. Our editors used to create 10 versions of each film to upload to our CDN, and now we simply have to upload one master file, and the 10 versions are automatically created.

Analytics are also very detailed and helpful; we've been able to integrate their Analytics API into our admin section to get detailed film view information.

Customer support is decent but not amazing, especially since we are paying for an additional level of support. I'd say that support does its job, but does not go above and beyond to take care of our needs.

Pricing is on the steep side. iOS adaptive bit rate video profiles are an additional charge to the profiles included in the platform fee. The default Roku feed could not be customized, so we had to work around it using the MP4 MRSS feed.

Overall, a strong platform, easy to use, lots of features for a price; support and customization could be improved.

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Video Marketing > Ooyala > Ooyala Reviews List